GUI for the "Time Shifting" feature for video files

Hi. relatively new to the forum, but long time user of DO. This is maybe a feature request for an existing feature.

Is it possible to put a GUI front end to the "Time Shifting" feature. You know the type, boxes for all of the date and time items, before and newly modified.

I do appreciate that it's possible to do all of it as is without a simple GUI.

I went through all of the scripts, now that I know how to add them in, and got some very useful ones, thanks everyone.

There's this script, which essentially puts the information from the manual on-screen for you but otherwise works similarly to the built-in UI:

A more simple (but also more limited) UI where you don't have to type anything and just click buttons to adjust things could be made with a similar script. Or you could make some toolbar/menu buttons which do things like add/subtract 1 hour from different timestamps and use that as the UI.

Depends on what you want exactly.

I was thinking of a GUI with boxes for Dates/Times.

For example, there are currently 3 types of dates/times in video files of interest,
Release Date (not in all videos)
Modified Date
Created Date

#1 So an option to select 1, 2 or all of the 3 above.

#2 Next a set of 6 boxes Day, Month Year, Hours, Minutes, Seconds.

#2 Above will be used to modify the #1 already selected item(s) and modify using an "Apply" button.
Option for -/+ entered values if its simply a basic user entry.

#2 Boxes can be from the simplest, a user entered data, a scrollable box with built in values, ie 1 to 12 for months, a calendar selectable box, or a mixture for what's appropriate.

The Metadata Panel already allows you to do that for all three dates, unless I've misunderstood.

The Set Attributes dialog also allows something similar for the Created and Modified dates.

Yes, the "Select Operation" box can be used for two of the three, but not for the Release date. It would have to be done one file at a time.

My idea wasn't to re-invent the wheel, more to zero in on what for myself and maybe others, is a subset of the numerous Metadata items. It's brilliant that you already have so much already available in the metadata panel.

Another way of looking at my suggestion is as more like a much smaller window into the metadata pane and extracting, using, only a subset, fewer items, for easier readability.

Basically as I said at the start, to have a Time shifting only user input GUI of some sort.

I would rarely make changes to the other items, but do occasionally have a need to change the Dates/times when cameras have not been initially set up properly.

If this Attributes Dialog had an option to apply a date/time + or minus amount of YMD HMS and apply to selected files/subfolders it would also give me what I am looking for.

A typical example is that you know some files from camera A are say 1m 20s behind camera B, so selecting the affected files from camera A and applying a +1m +20s would fix it.

Did you have a look at my dialog that Leo already linked? You select the files and enter a string how to shift your metadata dates as you mentioned in your original post (the screenshot of the docs).
Syntax is

[+/-] (Y:M:D|M:D|D|H:M:S|H:M|H)

its even an easier syntax than your example

+1m +20s

and you could easily edit it according to your needs :wink:

Entering the string yourself seems easier to me than entering it into different boxes.

The SetAttr command allows only to shift one at a time so selecting several would need several runs.

I prefer the boxes, thats why I asked if something like that was available. You guys are very talented. Apologies for taking so long to get back, I got the notification, was very busy, then simply forgot till now.