Handling of removed media

There is probably a simple solution here, but this has appeared in versions 11 and 10. Often after an external drive is removed (usually a flash drive not an external HD), using the safe to eject procedure, the drive letter continues to be listed in the drive/folder tree under This PC (ex My Computer). Normally it goes away when Dir Opus is closed and reopened, but things like collapsing and reopening the drive tree don't work. When the drive is clicked on, by accident or whatever, one of two error messages come up (pls see attached), and they need to be acted on to go forward. Is there a setting for automatic scanning of installed drives, to remove invalid entries?


While on the topic of message boxes - the file formats feature is really useful, but the announcement message that appears is distracting, and probably not really needed beyond the first time. Is there a way to keep it from being triggered?

Thanks once more!


[ul][li]Removed devices:

Removed/ejected media should be removed from the folder tree and This PC folder automatically. The problem may be that the device isn't broadcasting the "I was removed" message properly (quite a few devices have this problem, unfortunately).

If you open File Explorer, does it notice the removal as soon as it happens, or is the same problem (or a significant delay) there as well? (You may also find that once Explorer notices the device is removed, possibly when forced to via an F5 refresh, that Opus then notices it as well. This is because if Explorer sees a drive was removed that didn't sent the broadcast message, it simulates the message in order to update other applications which also depend on the same message.)

[li]Content Type banner:

It's only displayed a small number of times. (Once per content type format, if you close it manually. Twice if you don't close it.)[/li][/ul]

Thanks for the precise feedback. Your suggestion was spot on, Windows Explorer detects a removed drive right away. Then after a new Lister is opened, DO gets it right too. (It doesn't in an existing Lister.) So this works, in a slightly roundabout way. Presumably there isn't a way for DO, when it starts to give the error message, to make a quick check on the physical status of the drive and go ahead and update the folder tree accordingly (without the message)? That' seems to be essentially what Windows Explorer does, as you described it.

Thanks too for the info about the Content Type banner. No problem, and thoughtful to announce the option.

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Hello, a renewed query -- Is there a way to force a manual refresh of the name of a removable (USB) drive?

Once DOpus displays the name of a USB drive, say in F:, when it's ejected and replaced with another USB drive (with same letter, F: in this example), DOpus still shows the name of the previous drive. Clicking on properties confirms that the new one has its own, distinct name. The contents of the new drive display fine. This happens on all of my computers, running Windows 10 and 7.

The suggestion which you kindly provided before (which seen someone posted back in 2005 too, I should have checked better) still works - to exit DOpus completely and reload. But that seems like a big step when one is swapping USB drives a lot for a project. Is there a script that can force DOpus to reread the drive name, if it's not doing it automatically?

Thanks very much.


Does closing & re-opening the folder tree, or the whole window, refresh the name? If so, a button/hotkey can be made which does that, and avoids restarting the whole program or affecting other windows.

Another thing to check is that you have not launched dopus.exe elevated via UAC. If you do that then Windows will block the change notifications about the device from reaching Opus. You can use Opus's built-in UAC support and Admin-Mode functionality to elevate individual windows or actions, but the dopus.exe process itself needs to be run at the same level as the desktop/taskbar/etc. in order for them to talk to it. See here for more info.

I followed your suggestions, and tried further to see what was occurring. Closing and re-opening neither the folder tree nor the window leads to a refresh of the name. I'm not running Opus in elevated/administrator status. I'm ejecting the drive not just removing it.

After clicking on the USB drive the folder tree of the drive displays correctly. But even with ejecting and moving the drive to another USB port the previous name still appears. Only exiting and restarting Opus corrects the drive name. It can be lived with.

Thanks for your support.