Hang problem when downloading a file

When i download a file in a specific folder which is currently displayed in Dopus lister, Opus "hangs" until the file is completely downloaded. It seems that opus is permanently refreshing the lister.

I'm usinf Dopus 8 under w2k sp4. My browser is Opera 7.54.

Is it a special folder, like Desktop, or a normal folder?

(FWIW, I've never seen this problem. Just wondering if it's related to system-supplied folders.)

It's the root of my C Drive...

Funny things is that it seems to be related only to specific server.

I explain : I've downloaded different files from different sites, and the problem doesn't happen always. It seems to be related to ftp.
If you want to reproduce the problem you can try to download ad aware se from the official site of lavasoft. the download button point to an ftp server ( ftp://ftp.download.com/pub/win95/utilit ... rsonal.exe ). When i download this file i have the hang problem.

Thanks for your reply

I gave it a try with Firefox (I don't have Opera to test with, sorry) and it was fine for me. Opus updated the display about every second, rather than constantly, and remained responsive.

I think Opus is supposed to avoid refreshing the display too often but maybe something about the way Opera writes FTP files triggers the updates to happen too often. I can only guess really since I don't know the internals of Opus.

Hm, weird! Tryed it with opera 7.50 and i dont have the problem. Maybe its your virus scan or firewall?

Thanks for your answer...

The problem in fact seems to happen even with standard http transfer...and not always... Don't know why. I Will try with windows explorer to see if there's a difference.
I'll try to shut down my anti virus as well.