Height FileRow/Tabs/Details

I'd like to know if it's possible to reduce the height of some items:

  1. the File/Folder row
    I already have set the default font to the minimum size
    showing no icons in Details view reduces the height a lot, but I'd like to still have Icons visible
    using smaller icons could make the lines smaller maybe?

  2. the Tabs row

  3. the Details fields (Name, extension, date, etc)

Thanks again.

  1. The icon size comes from the OS. It may be possible to change it system-wide but it'd result in everything (not just the icons in Opus but everywhere) looking really ugly. Scaling a 16x16 icon to anything smaller gives horrible results so it'd probably be better to just turning off the icons if they're too big. (16x16 is also the smallest size most icons come in so they'd have to be scaled down to be any smaller.)

  2. Not sure where that size comes from.

  3. The list header comes from the Windows theme. You may have to change the theme to change the size of it (assuming it doesn't reduce in size if the font used there is reduced; it certainly grows if the font is larger but I don't know what happens if it's made smaller).

  1. so there is no way to change the height of the line in Opus?
    for example, before deciding to buy Opus, I had a look at Total Commander and in the same available space it can show 5 more files row (and I think there is almost no difference in the icons size)

  2. Reducing the font size doesn't reduce the list header. I'll have a look at win7 theme...


You can change it but if you want to decrease it to less than the height of an icon (+1 pixel) then you have to turn the icons off.

There's literally a single pixel gap between each icon, making each row in Opus 17 pixels minmum. TC doesn't have that gap, giving 16 pixels minimum, but that also means the icons touch each other (if full height).

From memory, we've had someone request an option to increase the gap (to something more like Explorer on Vista/Win7 use, although that's excessive IMO) but I don't remember anyone wanting to remove it entirely before. You could request it from GPSoftware if you want.

Having said that, 5 rows of 16 pixel icons = 80 pixels, so you must be seeing something like 80 files in Opus and 85 in TC. That's a very small difference.

Yes, in TC there is no gap between the icons
I confronted Opus and TC more accurately just now: in Opus I can see 35 file rows while in TC I can see about 37 file rows in the same screen space. (so that make sense with having 1 more line every 16 based on the 16/17 pixel difference I think)
And another line is taken by the list header which is almost double size compared to TC. Maybe I'll have a look at win7 themes but I guess it won't be easy to reduce it^^

Thanks again for the reply! I'll send anyway a request to GPSoftware to reduce the row to 16 pixels :slight_smile:

It looks like my request was ignored :frowning:
I just tried out the 10.0.2 version and it looks like the lines are even taller than before now and I couldn't manage to reduce them to 17 pixels anymore.
I hope I just missed the way to do that... any advices?
Having a lot more files/lines displayed on my screen at the same time was the main feature I liked from DO compared to Windows Explorer (along with many many others of course^^)

Turn off Prefs, Display, Options, Use visual styles to display items (or something like that; I'm away from my PC right now so can't check he exact name) and the files will be the same height as in Opus 9.

Really think it should be turned off by default!^^
Thanks a lot, it looks much better now :thumbsup: