Help Creating a View

Hello. Just purchased and Love this program!

I would like to know if I can create my own "view" and how to do so. If there is a section in the manual or a thread just point me to it.

What I want is pretty simple and very close to one of the out of the box views. Basically I want to have the Dual Vertical View PLUS a Lister Viewer pane open for each Explorer (on the bottom). If I choose Dual Vertical View I can then click on Show Lister viewer Pane and that shows one viewer and I am 99% of the way there. Is there a way for me to add the second Viewer Pane and save that view?

Thank You!

Not within one lister.

You can achieve a similar result though by opening two listers - moving them side by side and opening a viewer pane in both. You can then save these listers as a layout which can be opened any number of ways.

Ha, COOL! Took me about 3 minutes! THANKS!!! Damn this thing rocks!