Help debugging incorrect folder open

Hi folks,

I use a media manager program which has the ability to open the containing folder of a music track. I noticed that for a given album, it fails to open the correct folder, which is:

E:\My Music\Satie, Erik\3 Gymnopédies & Other Piano Works (Pascal Rogé)\01 Gymnopédie No1.flac

Instead, DOpus opens

E:\My Music

It does this for all tracks on the album. For other albums, DOpus works correctly. When I configure DOpus to allow Windows Explorer to open folders, the correct folder is open and music file is selected. So, it seems like this may be a DOpus issue.

How can this be debugged or resolved?

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Does it only happen for file paths with accented characters in them?

There may be an issue if the program sends the name using different case (i.e. capital letters) than what the folder name really has. Uppercasing accented characters sometimes goes wrong due to locale issues. I'd be surprised if it happens with a simple accented 'e', though.

It's also possible that the program in question does not understand Unicode and is replacing the accented characters with ? symbols instead. I think Explorer will try to find the best-matching folder in that case by treating the ? characters as wildcards (which can result in the wrong folder being opened if more than one matches the wildcard, of course).

Could also be something else...

What happens if you paste the path, minus the filename on the end, into Start -> Run (or just the start menu on Vista/7)?

It seems to happen for only tracks from this album. All others I've tried work correctly. In fact, here are other album tracks with non-standard chars:

E:\My Music\Rokia Traoré\Bowmboï\08 Kèlè Mandi.flac
E:\My Music\Céu\Céu\01 Vinheta Quebrante.flac
E:\My Music\Armand Amar\La Musique De La Terre Vue du Ciel\02 L'Orage Et La Baleine.flac
E:\My Music\Pat Metheny Group\Secret Story Disc 2\05 Et si c'était la fin (As If It Was the End).flac

that all work fine. I'm pretty certain the prog (J. River MediaCenter 14) handles Unicode and extended chars fine.

So, I'm at a loss to understand why the particular album is failing (the one mentioned in my first post).

Pasting the path - both with and without the file name - works fine in Start->Run. It opens plays in MediaCenter in the former case, and opens Dopus in the latter.

Any way to debug, so that we can see what actual path DOpus is seeing?

It might be the comma (,) in the path.

Yes, I think that is it! The path:

E:\My Music\Liszt, Franz\Sonata, Ballades and Polonaises (Stephen Hough)\05 Berceuse, s174.flac

also fails. So the Unicode and extended chars are not the issue.

So, which prog is having trouble with the comma?

Sorry, I'm not sure my question was prominent or clear.

I'm not sure if this is a DOpus issue or not. Should there be any problem with a comma in the filename, as far as DOpus is concerned? Is this a DOpus bug?

I think I've reproduced it and it seems to be Opus not handling the comma properly, but only when called via a certain way (which IMO programs shouldn't be using, but that's life :slight_smile:).

It'll only happen if programs launch paths by running explorer.exe directly. If they use ShellExecuteEx with the default (NULL) verb then the problem won't happen.


I've asked the MediaCenter team for a response on changing the current implementation. I'll update here when I have news.

@leo, can/will this be fixed/resolved in a future DOpus update?

I can't say for sure whether or not it'll be in the next release but it's being looked at.

The developer of Media Center responds:

My fault, I didn't notice it was a filepath rather than a folder. (Or rather I did notice, but then forgot that detail.)

FWIW there is an API which can be used for that instead of running explorer.exe explicitly, but the API actually works worse with Opus (since Windows provides no way to hook that API).

Running explorer.exe directly is probably the best way to do what the program is doing (at least as far as Opus is concerned). Apologies for my earlier suggesting being a waste of your time and theirs.

The comma thing just needs fixing on the Opus side which should happen in the next release or maybe the one after if the fix doesn't make the cut.

Cool. I'll wait. Thanks for the help and replies!


This seems resolved in, thanks.