Help for new user

Good morning,

I am new user DOPUS and french being, I would like to know if there is a french aid because I would like to use the software as a whole, but I need help.

I would also like to know why the color of the exchange t'elle icon in the taskbar. It may be yellow, red or blue.

Best regards.

The window icons change colour to indicate Source (Yellow), Destination (Red) and Dual (Blue) listers.

I don't know of a French Opus help site/forum if that's what you're looking for. We have a couple of French users here, though.

Bienvenue dans le monde d'Opus... :wink:
Welcome in Opus' world...

Thank's for the answer.

Ah un fran├žais :laughing: , tu pourrais donc m'aider alors, cool.

Please limit conversations in the public forums to English.

You can, of course, contact each other privately in any language you like. :slight_smile: