Help for Viewer, i'm french

Hi, when i want to see photo in viewer, i can't click to next image or previous image, crosslets are invisible :cry: ! I don't understand why, can you help me? please ...

If you only send one image to the viewer (like from another program) then only that one image can be viewed at that time. However in Opus if you select say 4 images and then send them to the viewer then you can scroll through all 4 images (but no more). And in Opus if you just double click on one image file name then all the images in that folder can be viewed in the viewer.

So it depends on how you are sending images to the viewer.

Actually no, when i open one folder with several photos, and i double click on one image of this folder, viewer don't show crosslets, they are invisible, i can't click on next image whereas in folder there are several photo :cry: ... ?

Make sure the option highlighted in the screenshot below is enabled.

If that doesn't solve the problem try posting a screen shot of the lister just before you double click one of the images.

The image link in John's post doesn't work for me but I think he probably meant this option:

Thanks Leo, that is indeed the option I meant. I don't know what was going on with the forum when I tried to reply last time, first nothing would go through, then it doubled up on me, and now the image is gone.

Hi, it's not good ! :cry: No change... Config my configuration, just before I double click this is screen show several photo in folder and when i double click on this is, there is the problem ! ? ...[/code][/quote]

I need help, please ? ... :cry: :cry:

Try turning this on, if it isn't on already:

OOOHHH thanks you very much , it's the solution thanks a lot !! :stuck_out_tongue: