Help, getting buried

I have been with GSP Opus awhile now.
But, having a stroke recently I am lost.
I am not sure how it all works now,
but if anyone has an idea of how all this works, please, any suggestions would be wonderful.
Just too many words!

Thank you for everything.
Mike Kadow

Hi Mike,

If you want to refresh your memory about Opus in general, the Introduction and Basic Concepts sections in the manual are probably the best places to start.

Alternatively, watching some videos on the Directory Opus YouTube channel might be a good way to get back into things. Those cover lots of different areas. They aren't as complete or structured as the manual, but seeing things done may help more than reading about them. Or maybe try a bit of both.

Of course, if you need help with how to use any specific part of Opus, or where to look to do something, we can help with that here.


Thank you for the help

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