Help installing the "DOpus XP Toolbar Icons"

I've downloaded the DOpus XP Toolbar Icons ( submitted by Cris van Minnen, but can't for the life of me figure out how to install and use them!

I don't even recognise the .ICL filetype....

Any help would be much appreciated.

The icons are in ICL format, which means ICon Library or something like that.
It is a kind of icon archive and is commonly used by icon management softwares.

In order to use the icons with DOpus, just set (or modify) a button and select the .icl file when adding an icon. DOpus should dig into the archive and show its content, letting you choose a particular icon to set.

Matt, also the link you gave is to the webview .PNG file. Make sure you're actually getting the .ICL file from the downloadable zip file here.

When you go to change the icon for a toolbar button like abel said, make sure you hit the Files of type: drop down box in the Select Icon File dialog and select All files... as I beilieve it defaults to just show Programs and Libraries (.exe;.dll). Otherwise you won't even see the .ICL file...

Thanks all for the advice - I thought the button set could be installed as a "theme" and a couple of clicks would do the trick :blush:

At least I know what I'm doing now!