Help linking SharePoint sites to Directory Opus 12


I've read posts on how to create links between Directory Opus and SharePoint sites and tried to follow the guidance I've found, but I haven't succeeded. One post mentioned using custom mode and drag the link. Unfortunately, custom mode seems a bit more complicated that just selecting custom mode.

I use Directory Opus 12.21 on a fully updated Windows 10 Pro Surface Pro 2017. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


Which posts? Please link to one so we know which instructions you're trying to follow

If you want to create a toolbar button which goes to a folder:

  • Select Settings > Customize Toolbars
    (a Customize window will appear, and your toolbars will look slightly different; ignore the extra window for now, but keep it open)

  • Drag the folder to where you want the button on your toolbar
    (a button for the folder should appear where you dropped it; you can drag it around if it's not where you want it yet)

  • Go to the Customize dialog which opened in step 1, and click OK to save the changes and return to normal.

I want to add SharePoint sites to the Folder Tree. How would I do that? Thanks!

I'm not sure you can add them to the tree, other than the usual Favorites and Quick Access branches that let you add your own folders.

Maybe under Network Locations, or under This PC or Computer using registry settings, but I don't know if those would work with SharePoint. (I know very little about SharePoint, unfortunately.)

So is there any way to access SharePoint sites through Directory Opus?

They say it can be mapped to a drive letter: