Help: map File>Edit to a key combination

I do most of my work, navigation, editing and coding via the keyboard. I like to move my hand to the mouse as little as possible, so I'd like to be able to add a key stroke (short cut) to DOpus so that I can alt+tab from my HTML-kit editor to DOpus and key to the next file I need to edit and with some key combination (not alt+F+E or win-menu key+E) send the file to HTML-kit as in this case my default editor for the *.html and *.php files is HTML-kit...

-OR Preferably-

Like with DOpus and an image, Preview is the Default action and Open (ACDSee) is the second command just like Open and Edit are first and second in the right click context menu for *.php file and if on an image I hold alt while double clicking the image name, it will open instead of preview. (i.e, the second action in menu not first.)

I know how to map key's and combinations using what is available in Settings>Customize>Keys, but File, Edit is not there....

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Lunar - actions like Open and Edit and such are not internal Dopus things, but rather shell commands registered for each file type and come from the registry. For a full explanation of how to find this stuff (if you're interested) you can look at my post in this other topic here. where I babble on about things like where the 'default' command (first in the list of Context menu and often in 'bold') for a file type is located.

For your specific question though - what you could do is assign a hotkey to specifically run your HTML-kit editor against selected files...

For instance - I just created a hotkey assigned to +E to run the following: "C:\Program Files\IDM Computer Solutions\UltraEdit-32\uedit32.exe" "%1". That will force any selected file(s) to be opened in UltraEdit.

Side Note- going back to the idea of wanting to run a file type specific action like 'Edit' rather than a hard set program like UE or your own HTML-kit app... As you saw, 'Edit' is not a 'function' listed in Dopus - but can be invoked using Dopus' ContextMenu function. For instance, assign the hotkey to run the function: ContextMenu VERB Edit. Then whatever program is set to run the 'Edit' action (per the registry) for the specific file type is what will be run, rather than a single specific application like what happens with the method above. For file types that do not have an 'Edit' action registered for their file extension - nothing happens :slight_smile:.

Hope that helps...

Thank you.
Since my post I've gotten pretty good with DOpus and have been able to accomplish just about Everything I've set out to do and am Very Happy with DOPUS!

Thank you, again.

Well gee Lunar... you're quite welcome!