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I have spent quite a bit of time searching posts on this forum, but I cannot find one that deals with my problem specifically. I have a Win7 64-bit desktop and have used Directory Opus 9 and now 10. In version 9 I could search my local hard drive and find files containing certain text. For example I would search *.txt with the text "the" in the file, and the results returned would be every text file containing the word "the". Now with the upgrade to DO 10, I get three files returned (out of about 100). Other searches for less common words return no results. I have tried having Windows index the drive, but that didn't change the results. At one point I actually uninstalled 10 are reinstalled 9 (and got my results back).

Eventually, I have reinstalled 10 for other reasons (I really like the new interface), and I started reading posts about integrating searches with Everything and Google desktop search. However, what I really would like is the searches (not the quick search at the top that finds files, but the find window that is supposed to do these "advanced" searches) to work like they did in DO9. I'm a long time DO user and have used it extensively to find ASCII files (.php, .js, .html, etc.) containing certain text, but now in DO10, I cannot do this.

Does anyone have a solution that doesn't involve 3rd party software? I don't care about the results window location or look. I just want to be able to find the files containing certain words like it used to be.

Tools -> Find Panel functions exactly the same (in terms of what we're talking about here) as it did in Opus 9.

If you want to use the newer search field (top right of the default toolbars) then you need to use the Windows Search syntax for the search you want. But if you just want things to be like in Opus 9, then the Find Panel is what you want.

If it isn't working as you think it should, please show us some examples.

Here is a picture of my D:\music directory showing that I have lots of text files

Here is a shot of one file, elvin bishop.txt that shows it contains the word "Dog".

Here is a shot of a search of .txt files in D:\music that contain the word "dog"

In DO9 the results would have found the elvin bishop text file. Not so much with DO 10

Thank you for the details.

Here are a few things to try:

[ul][li]If you remove the Containing Text criterion so it searches for all *.txt files, ignoring contents, does it find them all or is it still blank?

(If it's still blank, is D:\Music the same as D:\My Music? The search is done in the former but the screenshot showing the folder is the latter. They may be the same folder with a "localized name", but if they are not then that might explain things. If in doubt, you can turn off localized names via Preferences / Folders / Folder Display / Display localized folder names (Vista and above), although you probably want them on most of the time, so don't forget to toggle it back later if you change it.)

[li]If you change the Containing Text field to just D instead of Dog, does it find the file?

[li]Could you zip and attach the text file for us to look at? There may be something to do with its encoding.

(Please zip it first, to ensure that uploading it to the web does not change the way it is encoded.)[/li][/ul]

If I search for text files,. it finds them all, no problem. Searching for "D" finds many, many files, possibly all. The zipped up text file is attached:

Elvin Bishop (1.08 KB)

That file is saved as unicode (UTF-16) without a BOM, so Opus has no way of knowing the file format.

(Opus 9 would not have matched its contents either.)

Hmmm... That is odd. My text editor is supposed to default to ASCII/ANSI, but I may have messed up the save settings. I'll check all my text files and fix.

Thanks for your help.
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No problem, it's hard to know without looking at the file itself. An easy way to test (in future) is to use the Opus viewer, as files like that (without BOMs) will show as hex.