Help to make a button do several things?

i want to make a button that will delete a specific file:


then run an exe:

C:\Program Files\m3u2pla\m3u2pla.exe

thats the main thing, but if it could then unmount the "F" drive, that would be perfect.


<?xml version="1.0"?> My Button Do stuff 84 del F:\SYSTEM\DATA\PP5000.DAT C:\Program Files\m3u2pla\m3u2pla.exe net use f: /delete [/code]

Smells like a Sansa owner to me. :laughing:


I wouldn't know a sansa from a three legged mule, but did Jon's proposed solution answer your question?

If not, for the benefit of us who have no idea what a sansa is would you please tell us why?

(I can't believe I even have to post this message)

sorry i hadn't replied back with my results yet, i hadn't had a chance to try it till just a few minutes ago.

the Sansa is the #2 mp3 player behind iPod, i believe, and is made by Sandisk. its the size of a Nano, but twice as thick...but adds FM radio (with recording), voice recording, and video playback. it can also be setup as a standard DRM capable player or a mass storage device.

the reason i was wanting the button is because i use MediaMonkey to organize my music and to synch it to the player. the problem is that MediaMonkey only puts .m3u playlists on there and not the native .pla, i have to run a seperate program that converts the files. also, sometimes when synching, if you have made changes to the tag of a file that was already on the player before the synching, the changes don't show up. deleting the .dat file assures that database will be fully refreshed. i figured that since i would open DO to navigate and delete the .dat file anyway, maybe i could streamline the task a bit more.

i am probably going to sound like and idiot for asking this, but i cant seem to find the answer in the help file of DO or very quickly searching the forums. how do i use the code you posted? what i did, was right click the toolbar and go to Customize, then right click and go to New>New Button. i then put the parts that were inside the part of the code into the Advanced functions box of the New Button dialog. i also switched the Function drop-down from Standard to Batch. everything worked except unmounting the drive, which is fine, but i assume thats not how i am supposed to use the XML code.

When you're in Customize mode, just right-click on an empty spot on the toolbar and choose Paste.

ok, now i dont feel as bad, i did see those instructions. the thing is that i click Settings, then Customize..., and then try to right-clcik on the toolbar and i dont see and option to Paste.

Make sure the xml is in the clipboard and also make sure you right click on an empty part of the toolbar. If you right-click on a button you won't get the paste option.

There's an example of doing this in the Toolbar Editing video tutorial.