Help! Update installation doesn't work!

Tryed to install DO 9.1.06 German over DO 9.1.04 German. The installation process stopped quite at the beginning (see attached screenshot). It could not be cancelled with the Cancel button so it had to be terminated in task manager. Previous update installations always worked fine, so why this not? (Of course DO was terminated before - yes, also the tray icon).

How long did you wait for something to happen?

On Vista I have noticed that that stage of the installer takes a little while while nothing appears to happen. (I've noticed it with some other InstallShield installers, too.)

I'm not sure what it's doing; maybe creating a restore point or something. On XP and Win2k the delay isn't there either.

One hour.

That's on Vista. Other installation programs work fine.

That's definitely long enough to indicate a problem! (I was thinking 30 seconds or so:)).

The first thing I would try is uninstalling, rebooting, and then see if will install okay then.

Important: Before you uninstall, be sure to back up your configuration via Settings -> Backup & Restore. The uninstaller will erase your settings!

If still won't install, will install again? If so then GPSoftware could look into what's different about the two installers.

I did a Google for "installshield vista stuck" and found one post that may be useful. This person had the same problem with another installer and found that a Repair option that's part of Windows corrected the problem: ... 70446.html

It sounds harmless and worth a try.

(There may be other useful info out there; I didn't look for very long.)

Failing that, I think you'll need to contact GPSoftware for advice as they're the only people who know about the installer in detail.