Help with an advanced search


I don't know how to make this search (if possible):

Within a folder tree, I want to search those subfolders cotaining one or more subfolders named f.e. "sub1" and also one or more subs named "sub2".

I can search with the first consition, but don't know how to search for sets fullfilling both conditions.

Any idea?

I don't think there is a way to do this at the moment.

You can control whether a folder is searched based on its own name or path (and other attributes) but not on which other files/folders it contains.

Out of interest, what are you searching for? Maybe there's another way to solve the problem.

Hi Nudel,

Thanks for the answer.

I have a big folder tree (+16000 files +3900 folders) hierarchical organized. I'm developing scripts to categorize those elements, and I know that those folders containing subfolders named with say "a" and also "b" (subfolders names indicate their content) represent a serious challege to the script, due the type of contents their storing (details here are irrelevant).

So, I want to extract a subtree containing only those problematic folders+subfolders, to feed the script and tested it completely, without having to run the script on the whole, which would trow a hard to read log file.

Of course I can add complexety to the script just to do this, but I always prefer using already implemented aids (fantastic dopus here :slight_smile: ) rather to spend time programming.