Help with button to extract dates and change the created date for the folder

Pasted @WKen's script in a button - et voilà!

hello world

Now I'm trying (so far without success) to activate "HelloNeighbours.js" in the "Scripts" folder and somehow link it to a button. It should display the message "Hello Neighbours"

@lxp, looks like this script doesn't work in V13 anymore. Can you confirm this? I see the modified/created times changed to 00:00, but the folder's name stays unchanged.

Well, this script never tried to rename a folder :thinking:

Sorry, my mistake. I had the wrong test here. It was about the created time stamp only, fixing the chronological order after having folders downloaded from a cloud, which uses to mess up the time stamps. So it still works. I will write a description for that command to the button. Thanks!