Help with complex rename present /script

Hello there, maybe someone is willing to help me.
I have tons of files that need to be sorted in the same way

They are looking like this

NonNom Figures 2022-02  - release name (incomplete one supported and one figure missing)/Ekko from Arcane.rar
NonNom Figures 2022-02 - release name (incomplete one supported and one figure missing)/Ekko from Arcane supported.rar
NonNom Figures 2022-02 - release name (incomplete one supported and one figure missing)/Ekko from Arcane supported.jpg


Sephon 2022-01 (complete)/Broadway and Lexington Gargoyles.rar
Sephon 2022-01 (complete)/Broadway and Lexington Gargoyles supported.jpg
Sephon 2022-01 (complete)/Broadway and Lexington Gargoyles supported.rar

what i need is following

Patreon Name / YYYY-MM (Optional Release Name) [ ]/ File (Supported).(rar|7z)
Patreon Name / YYYY-MM (Optional Release Name) [ ]/ File.jpg

not every file have a release name

Patreon Name can be a single word or more words but always before year-month (yyyy-mm)

I am very thankful for every help i can get <3


From the examples, I'm not completely sure which information is being mapped to where, and which is to be thrown away.

And are the / subfolders? You can't normally end a folder name with a space but I'm not sure if that's the intent or just there to clarify what's happening.

It looks like it'll be complex enough to require some rename-script code to be written, so please link your account if you want us to write that code for you.

Hey thank you for the quick reply. :smiling_face:
I linked my DirOpus now! :slight_smile:

Yes the / is for a new folder
I make a picture to make it more clear

It is to complex for me and help is very very welcome :pray:


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Thanks for linking and the picture!

Do I understand correctly that the files themselves aren't being renamed, only moved around, with the folders they are in being renamed, and an extra folder level created?

For example, before:

C:\Xyz\NonNom Figures 2022-02 - release name (incomplete one supported and one figure missing)
C:\Xyz\Sephon 2022-01 (complete)
C:\Xyz\Test 2019-03


C:\Xyz\NonNom Figures\2022-02 - release name

If that's correct, it might not need a script, and this regex may be all you need.

When using it, select the folders, not the files, before you click Rename:

  • Mode: Regular Expressions
  • Old name: ^(.+) (\d\d\d\d-\d\d)( - [^()]+?)?( \(.+\))?$
  • New name: \1/\2\3

Of course, try it on some test backup files/folders first, in case I've missed or misunderstood a detail and it creates a mess!

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Hey Leo,
again very quick reply. Thank you!

yes, that is right. maybe it changed but for now it is all that i need
I test it and give you some feedback. Thank you so much for your help and time <3


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Hello @Leo
it is a good start but with tiny errors. Again i made a picture for better presentation :slight_smile:

In textform:

  • List item Date Folder is double. I want to keep the one with "release name"

  • List item the files are not inside the folder

What were those paths before the rename?

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oh sure:

2021-03 - March
3D Printing with Rober Rollin - 2021-03

2022-04-03 18_28_08-SuperPatreons 2021-03

and maybe it is good idea to move to a "renamed" folder
because sometimes there are tipping errors and it is sometimes hard to see which are renamed and which are not

Thank you again for your help and this good customer service

Nicole <3

Ignore my stupid texting. It seems that was my fault. i test it now with new files and everything works well <3

Only question now is: can I automatically move the renamed ones to a new folder for better overview ?

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The new name pattern can include path details if you want to move things.

The only unusual thing is that, since we’re using regex in this case and regex use \1, \2, etc. to insert things into the new name, you need to use \\ where you want a literal backslash in the new name.

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