Help with copy/rename!

I have 5 files ending in _sfr.xml, let's say A_sfr.xml, B_sfr.xml etc
I'm trying to make a button that will copy them in the same lister as A.xml, B.xml etc, overwriting any existing files with the same name.
I've tried using COPY AS DUPLICATE PATTERN FORCE (many different combinations of those) in my command but it doesn't seem to be working.

please someone help this is driving me nuts!

If you want it to work on the selected files only:


If you want it to work on *_sfr.xml in the current folder, without having to select anything in advance:

Copy FORCE DUPLICATE FILE *_sfr.xml AS *.xml

excellent! thanks very much!

BUT, can you explain why quoting won't work when also including paths?
I am trying to do "abs_path_with_spaces/_sfr.xml" AS "abs_path_with_spaces/.xml"
I want to be able to do it without having to be in that dir.

Some use of filters, or flatview select and copy or some such... but I couldn't work out the syntax in a few quick tests.

The argument AS doesn't seem to work with a full path at all. The second command leo provided does work if a path is provided only for the FILE argument but unfortunately not as intended because a file named test_sfr.xml will be copied as test_sfr.xml.xml instead of test.xml. Obviously there's a difference in how the "*" is interpreted in both cases.
The only workaround I could get working for now is this:Go "abs_path_with_spaces" Copy FORCE DUPLICATE FILE *_sfr.xml AS *.xml Go BACKWould be nice if this could be enhanced to work with full paths.

thanks very much to both of you, as long as it works without having to BE there, it's fine!