Help with hotkeys

hi everyone!
i would like to thank everyone for all the help given to me in the past~

i have a new question for anyone who can answer. i have been enjoying making hotkeys for everything, since i have mouse gestures, i like to switch between keyboard/mouse-only use of opus; the flexibility is... staggering @.@

but! i still seem to be a novice. very much so...
question: in opus, if you push the up and down buttons, you move through files.
if i wanted to assign the ability to move through files to the numpad 8
and numpad 2, how could i do this?

question: i have made numpad 7 to copy the selected file to the other pane; num1 will move it there.
is there a way to tell opus to, for instance, copy the file to the other
pane if opus is in dual pane mode, else copy it to current folder and
prompt for rename?

thanks in advance for the help!

Numpad 8 = Select PREV
Numpad 2 = Select NEXT