Help with opening a network share

each time I enter Start, Run, servername\sharename, I get a prompt asking me what program to use for opening this and I select DO

the format I type looks like
\myServer\theShare or \XSERVER111\Z (where Z is a defined share)

it opens then just fine in DO but I wonder what may be broken and how to fix it as it's like something has happened to the registry and servershares are no longer identified and the association is not kept between use(s)

if I don't reboot machine or log off, even doing the precisely same thing 5 min later, it asks me what program to use to open the sharename

OS is XP SP2 and DO is version

Sounds like something is wrong. At least, that does not happen here.

Try disabling Explorer Replacement mode, then going back into Prefrences and enabling it again. That might restore the association between Opus and UNC paths, although it may be something completely different that's wrong.

thanks, that did the trick, wish I knew why and what changes it made in the registry (will try to run the sysinternals tools to see later) but glad it worked