Help with printing directory

Can anyone assist me with changing the way I print out the directory? I cannot find out how to change the fields length.

This is what I have when I try to edit the fields:

I would appreciate any and all help.

Resize the columns in the Print Folder dialog, like you would in the main file display, to make them more narrow or wide.

Thanks, I really needed to how to do that. Can you tell me, in the second image about, what does that number stand for in width? Does it stand for the number of characters? Also, can I edit the edit the footer so I can list the directories like:

16 File(s) 40,242,306 bytes
7 Dir(s) 145,422,475,264 bytes free

I'm going to guess that there is an easy was to get the listing to come out this way, but is so simple, I'm over looking it.
Thank you Leo! :slight_smile:

Yes, it's the number of characters. Easy to test.

I don't think the footer can be customised.

If it's the number of characters, how come it's listed as 565 and the format is 65? See below:

As far as the footer/header customizing, maybe it could happen in DOpus 11?
Thank You.
David :thumbsup:

The 62 number in the Print Folder dialog is the number of characters. (Or "nominal characters" when printing to PDF or a real printer, since a proportional font is used rather than a fixed-width one; but that's not important when output is going to the clipboard.)

The 565 number in the Folder Format dialog is the width in pixels.