Help with regular expression rename

Hey guys,

Needed some help with a simple reg expression rename, let me know if you can help out

What I have is hundreds of files named this way:

DCT 30-01 sample text.doc
DCT 30-04 sample text.doc
DCT 30-21 sample text.doc
DCT 30-34 sample text.doc

What I want to do is replace the 30 with the two digital number after the dash - ("01,04,21,34") and then replace the two digit number with "07". So it should be like

DCT 01-07 sample text.doc
DCT 04-07 sample text.doc
DCT 21-07 sample text.doc
DCT 34-07 sample text.doc

Let me know if this is even do-able

thanks :thumbsup:

Rename - Regular Expression
Old Name: DCT [0-9][0-9]-([0-9]*) sample text.doc
New Name: DCT \1-07 sample text.doc

that actually works! :slight_smile: okay, now if the "sample text" is always different text, how do I keep that in the new name

DCT 30-01 this is a text.doc
DCT 30-04 testing text.doc
DCT 30-21 delete text.doc
DCT 30-34 replacing text.doc

Rename - Regular Expression
Old Name: DCT [0-9][0-9]-([0-9]) (.)
New Name: DCT \1-07 \2