Help With Rename

I'm having problems with the rename syntax.

Desired Process:

  1. select a series of files... they be of many different types with different .pdf, .xls, .doc extensions.
  2. press a button and be prompted for a new filename.

Desired Result: All files are renamed with the input string. File extensions are left alone and I don't want to have to input an extension in the string.

Secondary Result: If there are conflicts, I want them appended with a number but ideally, I'd like to not have the (1), (2), etc. numbering that Dopus uses. I'd rather just use a string like " v1", " v2", etc.

I've come up with this:
rename TO="{dlgstring|New File Name:}" AUTORENAME

... but it's not working at all.

Rename REGEXP PATTERN "^(.)(.[^.])$" TO "{dlgstring|New File Name:}\2" AUTORENAME

I think you'll have to make do with the (1), (2) etc. that AUTORENAME produces.