Help with unwanted folders showing under "This PC"

Hi all, I've tried searching, but my skills are poor; searches based on "This PC" just return a bunch of comments with "this" in the text.

I was wondering how to remove all of the non-disk entries under "This PC". I have a C:, D: and X; drives, and that's fine. But how can I remove the top three references, which relate to the Windows Pictures, Documents and Music folders? I prefer to use Libraries to refer to those file types, partly because they are more flexible (e.g. they can include multiple folders), and partly because they are named correctly (unlike the "D:" entry which should say "Pictures").

Check out this thread for two ways to remove the unwanted folders: Remove "Other" from This PC (Windows 8.1)

(I found it using Google rather than the forum's more limited search. You can type things like "This PC" folders into Google to use it to search a particular site. Handy sometimes.)

Brilliant, thank you. For anyone else reading this, the registry-edit option didn't work for me, but the "This PC Tweaker" tool worked a treat.

(I haven't used Windows Explorer for so long that I didn't even realise that the whole "This PC" thing was part of Explorer, I just thought it was how DOpus did things - so I never thought to do a more general Google search, as opposed to searching in here!)

And thanks for the tip re Google searching!