Help with USB HDD not showing data

Backup4All can do this.

Interesting, I had a quick look, there is a "detect file changes based upon CRC"-feature, you don't mean that, do you? This CRC feature is used to determine changes in the file to decide whether to back it up or not and seems to be the complete opposite of what you want, if you are ransomware affected (where every affected file will have different CRC).

I had a look at SyncBackPro, a software I purchased some years ago, I thought it would cover all my needs, it didn't. Bad scripting API, bad customer support and well.. I gave up on it. While looking up it's name, I saw that in indeed has support for registering specific files, for which it will store and compare CRC. So there is at least one that has support for this now.. I would not try the software again though. o)

Most solutions allow to run your own scripts and tools before a backup starts, the better one allow to decide upon result, whether the backup should continue or not, so doing some CRC checks upfront for specific files is something you can probably hook into your existing solution yourself, if it's not the most basic one.

The difficulty is in the details with ready to use, commercial solutions. I went back to the editor and started a custom framework from scratch, it easily extends to my needs, I'm happy with it, and yes, it took weeks to build, no question about that. o)

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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This. B4A allows to use a script to decide whether to go forward with a backup.