Hex viewer: Manual selection highlighting

Support an option (I suggest that it always does this) where if I highlight Hex text in the Hexview then the corresponding characters in the clear text become highlighted as well. and vice a versa (if I highlight the clear text, the corresponding hex display is highlighted).

Without this option, visually aligning the Hex with the Text becomes a real challenge. This feature would really improve the usability of the Hex view of a file.

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Have I misunderstood? I think it already does that:

Using the 'find' capabilities is not the same as clicking anywhere on the pane and highlighting 1 or more characters.

The find functionality is a nice complement to what I am asking for but not a replacement... not even close.

Understood. You want the ability to manually highlight data in the hex viewer. (I don't think that is possible at all now, with or without highlighting the corresponding data in the opposite column.) That makes sense now.

I've added this to our list.


I hope it is an easy-to-implement change. It would be extremely helpful to us programmers in the world.