Hidden Files and Folder Tree

I have a question concerning these two commands:


I have certain files and folders hidden so they don't clutter up my Folder Tree. If I need to see them I have a blue icon with double arrows I click that contains the two commands above. Directory Opus then displays the hidden folders and files. My question is, why will it not show the hidden folders in the Tree Pane on the Left Side? It only shows them on the right, file view side. It seems the Tree is not updated when this Icon is selected. How can I get it to update the Tree at the same time?

The tree has its own setting as well - Preferences / Folder Tree / Contents / Hidden and system folders. If you turn that on, they will still be hidden if the global filters are enabled, but otherwise should be visible.

Thank you so much. That was exactly the trick. Works wonderful now. Should have known, there is a feature for everything in Directory Opus. The best file manager ever.