Hidden files!


I would like to know if there is an option to hide all hidden files. i try to find it with no success. Thanks in advance....

Maybe update your folder options to set a 'hide filer' for hidden files? If you're not sure then check out:

HOW TO: Understand and Configure Folder Formats


Thank you for the information, but still no good I cant figure it out. I just want to be able to hide hidden files and folders. Opus apparently show all files even hidden ones. They appear with a transparent effect to distinguish from the others. Help would be appreciated.

Well it's easy to get confused, but I would have thought everything you need to know might be in that FAQ, so let's hash it out here to get you going, but please be sure to read through that FAQ as Nudel spends alot of time to try and make things like this clear in those posts...

First thing I would do is go to Tools->Folder Options... on the menu bar. In the dialog that appears, select the Filters tab. On the page that gets displayed, under the Hide Filter section, put a check mark in the H box next to Attributes, then click the Save drop-down box at the top of the dialog and select the For All Folders option.

Depending on how you open your listers... this should do the trick for you. If not, reply back with what you've got set on the Settings->Preferences->Launching Opus pages... From the Desktop and From the Taskbar icon depending on how you're opening your listers...


thank you very much for your answer. It work perfectly :slight_smile:

NP :slight_smile:

Just be aware that if you ever start using 'Layouts' that the folder format (starting folders, columns displayed, hidden files and folders, etc etc) gets saved WITH the layout... alot of times people have configured Opus to use a saved layout (I do) and then gotten confused when changes to the Folder Options section we've covered here don't seem to get used... and it's always because they're using a saved layout that overrides what you set in the folder options... nothing to 'worry about' - just FYI.