Hide empty drive and stop message dialog?


Is there any setting which can stop the following message dialog in a lister while browsing?

"There is no disk in drive [letter]: Insert a disk and then click Continue."

I have two drives which are rarely used besides A: which I have disabled in the Device Manager because I don't use any more, but I need my CD/DVD drive. This message pops up whenever I move down the list with the keyboard. Can you deselect drives to stop them showing up like in Powerdesk?



Not possible...

You can stop them showing in Drive Buttons lists on toolbars but not, currently, in the folder tree. I'm pretty sure it's on the feature request list, though.

Thanks for your help Albator and Leo.

Leo, as I say Powerdesk has it, so yes, it would be very good if it were put forward for an improvement on the feature request list and very nice to have.