Hide Empty Removable Drives

I had a bit of spare time whilst away from home this week and decided to give this tutorial a go - and I quite like the new drives toolbar. I have always been a fan of the 'tree' but could easily get used to this concept.

I added Spr0ket's button for the removeable drives and it is nice to see USB pen drives added and removed dynamically as they are plugged in and removed.

Which brings me to my query relating to removeable drives. I have a card reader fitted to my PC (connected to the mobo USB header) and it appears as four individual drives. All four drives appear in the DriveButtons toolbar - whether they have a memory card inserted or not. Is it possible to hide these card reader drives unless there is a memory card inserted? I suspect that the drives are treated as 'fixed' drives and therefore cannot be 'filtered' out when empty.

I have spent most of the day searching both these forums and the manual without success so I don't hold out much hope for a positive solution.

Perhaps it is something that could be added to DOpus.



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There isn't a way to hide empty removable drives at the moment but I agree it would be nice. Coincidentally, I sent a suggestion to GPSoft a couple of weeks ago, but I don't know when/if it will be implemented.

If I plug the USB hubs for both my monitors in I end up with six (!!) drive letters (4 from one monitor and 2 from the other) for memory card slots, getting in the way. Madness. It's a shame they don't create drive letters dynamically. Being able to pretend, at least inside of Opus, that the drives don't exist except when they're in use would be bonza.

Hi Nudel,

Thanks for the response.

I too have a couple of card sockets on my (Dell) monitor - but I have turned them off so I only suffer the 4 extra drives from the card reader in my PC.

Just had a thought - I could swap things around and just have the 2 on the monitor.

In the meantime, we can only hope that Jon and Greg can find a way to hide empty card slots.



Actually, there is a workaround to the Removable Drive Letter disaster.
I'm not certain at all that I like it,
but the good news is that it can be done.
I can do this on Vista.
This may be possible on XP or 2000, but I have no knowledge of it.

The Removable Drives can be mounted as a folder of another drive letter.
The original drive letter can then be removed and hence free.
The bad thing is that we are still limited to 26 drive letters in all.
So, if one needs to do any recovery work from a recovery DVD ( your Vista DVD),
.... ooops we could run out of drive letters.

Go to Disk Management and then to the Change Drive Letters.
Add the mounted path and then delete the Drive Letter.
Restart the computer.



I have never tried it, but maybe it suits your needs:


Thomas that may prove very useful for me at least – my thanks for the link!