Hide viewed zips in tree

I have things set up to not show archives in the tree. Since v10, whenever I look inside an archive, that archive is also shown in the tree for some amount of time. How do I change it so that archives never show in the tree?

maybe you find your setting(s) here:


Thanks plunder. But there's nothing in there that seems to be working.
I guess it's a good idea for the archives to appear in the tree as they are 'active' (as in: I am looking inside). After all, it sort of becomes part of the path to the files. Still, I'd like the archive to be removed from the tree as soon as I am not looking inside anymore. Now, I need to fold and unfold the directory in the tree and the archives may be gone.

i've tested it, now i get it. i simply hit F5 and then the ZIP is gone from the tree :=P

Yes, F5 works too :slight_smile: The problem is, it doesn't work ALL of the time. Also, if I look inside multiple archives, all of them get added to the tree. I really don't want to refresh after every file.

Bucky, hehe. I am sure that Dopus dev team will have us (or you) live with this circumstance. I would wonder if someone at GPSoft cared about this "issue".
Imho it's none of a big deal, is it? :slight_smile:
(okay, the F5 should work at any time. maybe this has to be fixed.. )

When doesn't F5 work?

Leo, most of the time actually. it may have something to do with the files still being in some kind of cache.

Right now, I tried the following:


I doubleclicked 1.rar so that it showed in the display pane. Then clicked on the parent folder in the tree (backspace works too). Result: 1.rar is added to the tree and will not go away after refreshing.
I then doubleclicked on 2.zip and backspaced out of it. Refreshed, but 1.rar and 2.zip are still visible in the tree.
Doubleclicked on 3.zip, then while that file is in the display pane, pressed F5. Result: All archives removed from the tree, and the parent dir is shown in the display pane instead of the contents of 3.zip.

Oh, forgot: When the tree is stubborn and keeps showing the archives, I can close and reopen the lister to make the archives disappear. (I have Opus set up to open a lister in the last dir I was looking at)

Sounds like it's working and doing what you want (removing the archives from the tree), except that it's causing the folder to change (which I guess isn't meant to happen but presumably is avoidable by pushing F5 when you're no longer in an archive; if the folder change was prevented and you stayed in the current archive then that would still be in the tree, since Opus always aims to show your current location in the tree even if it's hidden by default).

Yes, I can understand that. The problem is that refresh doesn't (always) seem to remove the archives from the tree when I'm NOT looking inside an archive, as is the case with 1.rar and 2.zip in my example.

I see what you mean now.

You could create a button/hotkey which resets the tree (by closing it & instantly re-opening it), if that helps:

Set TREE=Off Set TREE=On

Maybe F5 should also remove the temporary items from the tree as well.

The reason they stay in the tree once added is to let you change to another folder, then back to where you were.


That works, but leaves a + in front of the folder in the tree to indicate that I can unfold that folder. When I click the + to unfold, it just dissapears.
Still, it's better than nothing. Thanks!

One more question: Do you not see the behavior I'm describing? Or anyone else reading this? This really starts to bug me and I want to find out if it's something that only happens on my PC.

I see the same behaviour, don't worry.

(I've filed a bug report about F5 in a zip moving you out of the zip (if zips are hidden in the tree) as that shouldn't happen.)

All fixed in Thanks!