@hideifpath have no effect in three-button button

so does @hidenosel@disableifpath etc.

It doesn't really make sense in a three-button. You can't add @hideifpath to the top-level button itself (the top-level button has no function/code to edit at all). You can only add it to the child buttons inside of it.

If, say, the first child button in a three-button was able to hide itself, the others would shift up a slot and change which mouse button does which action. You would not want that.

While the @hide... options don't make sense for a three-button, the @disable... options might make sense in one. From a quick try, it seems to work if they all have the same condition, but I'm not sure every possible case works. Those things are not really designed with three-buttons in mind.

Thank you for your quick reply, if @hide... options could work must be better when child buttons have the same condition.