Hiding Directories & Contents in Flat View Mixed No Folders

How would I hide all the directories named _svn and all the files in them in a Flat View Mixed (No Folders) lister?

I've added a:
Folders: _svn
hide filter to the Flat View folder format but that doesn't seem to make a difference.

In other Flat-View modes, filtering out a folder will remove it and its children; however, the No-Folders mode is different since the folder is already hidden (but it's children not), so you can't hide it...

If you want a similar, albeit non-updating, view without the _svn folders then an alternative is to use the Find panel in advanced mode. A clause like:

Location No Match _svn

should do the trick.

If you want to be even more accurate and avoid excluding folders which start with "_svn" but aren't actually "_svn", then:

Location No Match *_svn(|*)

If a fixed set of Find results won't do, because you need to see updates as they happen, then I think you'll have to use one of the other Flat-View modes. The Mixed mode will let you filter out folders, but you'll obviously get a list of the other folders at the top. You can scroll past them and ignore them, though, and the files should be filtered as you want.

Looks like I need to request an enhancement. Right now I have a dual pane lister, Flat View Mixed (no folders) sorted by date descending on the left and a FTP site on the right. This allows me to easily copy recently changed files in the entire directory hierarchy to the FTP site, keeping the hierarchy intact (I absolutely love this feature BTW). We've recently started using the Tortoise Subversion source control client which adds a hidden _svn subdirectory to every directory under source control. This mucks up the list of files I have to copy over.

Read this post You want to edit your folder formats. Be sure to include the Flat View Format.

That technique may or may not work with Flat View, but give it a try.

I just gave the technique I linked above a try in Flat view and it works well.

What you need to do is edit the Filter on all of your Folder Formats to include the Hide Folder = "*_SVN" (no quotes).

Hi Neil,

The current dynamic file filter filters all items so it will only work in one folder. If a folder is filtered out by the filter then all files under that path are also filtered. It is a product limitation at this time.

But there are simple ways around this issue.

A) Use the Select function to hide files you do not want to see - make the selection arguments something like

Action	Hide Matching items (untick hide items that don’t match)


Name	No Match *.(jpg|gif|png)  and so on

This will hide all items that do not match your criteria.

To recover the full list, just refresh the display using F5.

B) Use the older single Show / Hide fields commands available from Folder Options and the Show Files Field. Go to Customise and edit the toolbar and add the Show Files Field to a toolbar, exit customise, then you can use this filter to enter simple patterns such as *.doc or *.(jpg|gif) and so on.