High cpu usage & "lock-up" on directories with lots of files

ESPECIALLY true when copying/moving files. While copying/moving dopus is completely unresponsive and the CPU usage is 80%+

I have tried all the suggestions that I have found on the forums.

I'm down to two ideas:

Could auto-resizing of the columns be causing issues?

How can I find out why it takes so long when I right-click on a group of files? I wonder if that is related at all? I have tried "autoruns" and "hijackthis" and disabled anything I thought could affect it.

It's difficult to say without knowing what kind of files. Column auto-sizing is unlikely. Certain columns being on, or information in the status bar, which cause the files to be opened to get their details could be behind it.

Video codecs are very often behind these kinds of problems, if video files are involved.

random files, no videos

columns: Name, Size, Type, Modified, Attr

how about a way to delay how often the lister is updated? so that it wasn't trying to "instantly" update the contents?

Opus already does that.

Virus checker maybe?

leo: my opus seems to be updating "instantly" when I cut/paste files into the currently active pane

jon: I don't have any on-access virus scanners installed

The initial update is very fast but after that I can see that the scrollbar jumps every couple of seconds as additional files are added in batches.

Have you tried disabling all plugins and turning off all columns (except Name) to verify it's nothing to do with them?

(I assume we're talking about Details mode, too.)

I have in the past seen situations where DOpus will seem rather sluggish during the moving of large numbers of files. Changing the displayed directory, like moving up to the parent, will often speed things up considerably. I don't, however, recall having seen this in quite a while, perhaps since updating to version 9.

The Windows procmon utility (available for download on the Microsoft site) might give you some useful information. It can be configured to show every file system action taken by every single program. That might give you some insight into what's going on.