High processor usage

i have DOpus 9. my processor use goes up into about 60-75% on each of 2 cores when i browse a long list of video files. (about 700)

i had a look in the FAQ section here and found a thread that talked about finding and disabling a 3rd party plugin as the culprit. i don't have any plugins yet.

i am using 'details' view and i have tried disabling the duration, codec, and dimensions columns just to see what is going on. that didn't help.

closing the pane or browsing to another directory doesn't free-up the proc usage.

as a side issue: i have also noticed that the app doesn't close down until i kill the icon in the tray menu, which is only a problem when the app is using such a high amount of resources. have a chosen for the app to not close down somewhere?

Try disabling the Movie plugin. If that solves it then the problem is one of the video codecs you have installed not liking some/all of the files in that folder.

See How to exit Directory Opus in the FAQs.

thanks leo. that did help. i guess i will have to do something about my codecs elsewhere.

while inspecting the same 700 files in thumbnail mode it used ~40% for the first few minutes and then rose to 70% (and stayed that way until i made this post so idk how long)

does that tell me anything i can use to track down the problem or is it normal to grab more resources based on other factors? (eg: if i noticed where it was up to when the usage went high it would be a codec those files relied upon??)

Also there may be a problem with your video files being not compliant with format specifications, making codecs hang.

Try disabling all plugins, as well as shell image extraction, as per the FAQ on the issue.

Also see if it happens if you just try to view one of the files. If not, see if you can narrow it down to a group of files or a particular type of file (e.g. videos with certain extensions or compressed with certain encoders). You can do that by splitting the folder into smaller & smaller groups and seeing if the problem still happens with all of the groups.

I confirm for this problem it arrived when dopus have video thumbnails on display, in this case my solution is to kill dopus and restart it, when the process starting i didn't find an other solution...

It's not Opus; it's the combination of your video codecs/splitters and the video files they're being asked to view. All Opus does is pass the files to the codecs/splitters and ask for a thumbnail (or info like the video's duration, resolution, etc.); the rest is up to them.

If you don't want to play "hunt the bad codec" you can disable the Movie plugin and the Shell Image Extraction option so that the codecs are no longer called upon.

Out of curiosity... do any of you who are experiencing the issue viewing folders where you might have "partially downloaded" torrent avi's?

not me. i have partials isolated. i wouldn't be surprised if that caused a problem. maybe someone can answer accurately. would dOpus return a thumbnail if the first/last piece of the video was present and the header was readable??

i have seen thumbs partly rendered (or 'icon only' instead of thumbnail) for stills without any noticable side effects. i actually had about a hundred of them to look at in a recent data recovery attempt. (the directory in question had about 200-300 stills ranging from 50K to 4Mb in size each)

my dOPus problems were codec related plus a few other badly encoded video files.

thanks again leo and others.

Depends on the video format and the installed codecs/splitters that handle it. Opus just passes the data to the codecs, in general.

Some formats/codecs/splitters handle partial files better than others.