Hit Counter Column

I would love to see a hit counter column. It would be useful to for me to see how many times people have accessed a particular document or folder. Working in QA, I create / modify many documents and post them to network folders. A hit counter would enable me to see how "popular" the documents are—that is, if people are actually using them.

I know of course those Q-heads out there would simply say: you know if documents are used if you audit your processes....blah blah blah...I would like something more immediate to assess document usefulness.


I'm not sure exactly where this information would come from. Do you have some other tool which shows you this information currently?

No unfortunately I do not, and I don't know where it could/would come from. Perhaps it's not been invented yet.

I think such a feature would need support in the filesystem since Opus has no way to know people are accessing a file on a network server and keep a count (unless everyone uses Opus to access the file, which is unlikely).

The easiest "solution" would be to put the files on a webserver which would then log hits, but that would probably inconvenience you and your users more than it is worth.