Hitting back puts the file list off-center

This'll be easier to explain if you saw it, so here you go:

Sometimes when I enter a folder or zip file, then hit the back button, the list will go off center like you see in the screenshot there. If I scroll to the beginning of the list, occasionally files will be completely obscured, and the only way to fix it is to close then re-open the lister. It's starting to get pretty annoying; I can confim that it's been doing that since 8.0, which is the last version I toyed around with. Anyone else get anything like this?

Well, I think you're 'partly' seeing something that is by design. When you hit 'Back' the lister is supposed to return to the spot in the file display you were positioned at when you left the folder you're going back to... as opposed to the 'beginning' of the folders list of files and dirs. So in the case of the screenshot you sent, you presumably double-clicked on a zip file somehwere in the view of the folder you took the screenshot of.

However, in testing this out while in "List" view-mode I noticed that while I was NOT returned to the 'beginning' of the folders file list, I wasn't exactly placed at the 'same' position in the file display either... It's offset a little bit far to the left - about one clicks' worth of the horizontal scroll bar. Weird...

Yeah, perhaps that image doesn't really show the problem all that well...

Here's what it should look like:

Here's what it looks like after it gets messed up:

Notice how an entire row is obscured. It doesn't happen all the time, you may need to go back and forward a couple times to set it off.

Well that's distinctly screwed up looking... but that I can't reproduce. Any tips on a bonafide way to do it? I basically created a zip file in the system32 folder starting with the letter 'T' so it's way off to the right side of the file display. Other than the weirdness I'm seeing like I described before, I don't get the same effect as you after double-clicking on the file to enter it as a folder and then going back...

It appears that in a folder that contains files with long file names, dopus will truncate the file name somewhat. For instance, one of the archives is called "VirtualDubMod_1_5_10_2_All_inclusive.zip", but is shortened to "VirtualDubMod_1_5_10_2_All_inclu..." though dopus will display the full file name if you refresh the directory. Like you said, hitting the back button will automatically position you where you left off in the previous directory (it appears to accompish this by starting at the beginning of the directory, then quickly scrolling to where you left off), though at the same time, it appears to be restoring the truncated file names to their full length. I'm guessing that this somehow displaces the file list so it appears askew, like in the screencap.

Though it's just not archive files that trigger this, going back and forth from any folder will do. I'm guessing that archive files are more prone to doing it since when the list is sorted by type, .zip/.rar/etc files are located at the end of a list, therefore the window needs to scroll further to get to where you left off.

Try it out in a folder that contains lots of files with long filenames. I can get it to work every time without fail in the directory that's pictured in the screencaps.

I hope that makes some sort of sense. Lemme know how it turns out.