Hitting escape on auto-queued copy/move causes it to run now

Haven't upgraded to yet (still on here)...

I will upgrade and re-test on after my current BIG copy job completes... but wanted to get this logged before I forget:

  • Copy files from local drive D:\ to external USB drive E:\
  • While the file copy is still in progress... I also then mistakenly move a selection of files up one folder on the destination drive E:\ which causes the auto copy-queue prompt to appear.

Hitting causes the move to "run now"...?

I do realize that if I'd have done the same thing without a job running against the same device already, that it would have just "run now" without any queuing prompt getting in the middle of things. However, having an keypress result in an operation actually running seems intuitively ~wrong to me. Preferably, I'd love to see the operation aborted and removed from the queue... though I suspect that since what you're escaping is actually the prompt to queue (YES) or run now (NO) that in this case is doing what hitting it in most dialogs does - basically saying NO?

Nothing has changed in this regard, and this behaviour is by design.