Hold down the Ctrl key for scroll lock effect

It may be I have at last a suggestion which Opus does not do already.
(One of) The main benefits of Opus for me is that I can customize it so that I hardly ever need to use the mouse. I am not opposed to using the mouse but I find the micro delay moving my hand keyboard <> mouse and back inefficient.
Because of that there is a feature which if it were ever to be implemented I would find insanely useful.
I discovered by chance the other day that it in fact is already implemented in the command editor which of course is very cool as I spend a lot of time in there. But it is not so far as I can tell implemented in the lister.

Better to watch the video as it is tricky to explain.
Basically I want the effect of holding the Ctrl key down while I press the up and down arrows to have the effect of turning on scroll lock. Just while the Ctrl key is held down. Once the Ctrl key is released the affect should be gone i.e. Scroll lock off.
Check it out.
Opus rocks!!!!!