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Holiday Sale 2016?


I had received a mail on 17th December 2015 for a Holiday Sale which had Directory Opus for 50% off on upgrades, new purchases everything and was available until 26th December 2015.

I have not yet seen any such mail this time around in 2016.

Is a Holiday Sale similar to last year planned for 2016 also so that newly launched Directory Opus 12 can be obtained for a 50% discount for few days during the holiday season.

Thanking in advance,


For questions about licensing or purchasing, please contact Sales.

I was looking for a holiday discount in 2017 as well, but so far I haven’t received the traditional end‐of‐the‐year email.

If there is any point in contacting the sales manager directly, I’m going to do it.

No harm in asking them.

I know several people who are awaiting some sort of holiday discount before buying Pro, but I was wondering if coupon still works (it seems it was valid for DO11 only).

I've been awaiting a sale of some kind as well. My trial license of DOpus 12 runs out on January 6th, so I'm really hoping you've got something planned this year!