Home Alias

Hi Guys,

I have recently upgraded to 12.12 and now some of my commands using the home alias no longer work. I have shortcut commands such as "/home\Tools\nircmd\NirCmd.exe" mutesysvolume 2 which has worked as expected for a long time. Now I get the error message shown below.

I doubt the home alias has changed so why is this happening? It seems like I can't change it so how was it set to O:\DOPUS rather than O:\DOPUS\x64.

Instead of using the command above, how can I adjust this to go back a folder before going into the Tools folder? ...or should I just move the Tools folder to the x64 folder instead?



Where is dopus.exe running from? /home will resolve to the folder the actual executable file is running out of.

Note that if you do a USB export from the 32 bit version then the 32 bit version will be put in the root and the 64 bit version will be put in an x64 subdir (and vice versa if you export from the 64 bit version). It looks like that's what might have happened.

If you change your buttons to use /homeroot/DOPUS alias they'll work from whatever version you run.

I should have mentioned this is a portable version, which is permanently set to O:. I seem to have three versions of dopus.exe as shown below:


Task Manager tells me it's launched from the one in the root folder (157 KB version).

The one in the root is just a launcher which automatically runs whichever "real" version matches the bitness of the machine you're running it on.

I'm on a 64 bit machine so it's the one in the x64 folder then? How do I browse to the Tools folder from x64?

Like I said, change your functions to be relative to the root of the drive (with /homeroot) rather than relative to whichever folder the program happens to be running out of.

That works. Thank you Jon. Still confused why it broke after the update but it should be fine now for future updates.

You must have done the latest USB export from a 32-bit machine, while you previously did them from 64-bit machines?

That makes sense, I used my fathers machine which must be 32 bit. Thanks Leo.