Horizontal and Verical Lister

Currently I have two buttons.
F10 = Horizontal Dual Lister which is set to this function set DUAL=Horiz,Toggle
F11 = Veritical Dual Lister which is set to set DUAL=Vert,Toggle

If I am in a Horizontal Lister and I'd like to switch to a Vertical Lister, I have to press F10 to toggle to single Lister and then, press F11 to switch to Vertical Lister.

Ideally, I would like one button to switch between Horizontal and Vertical Lister and vice versa, without having to switch to a single Lister as intermediary before switching, i.e.
F10 = switch between Horizontal and Vertical
F11 = switch between single to dual Lister

I tried to do F10 as set DUAL=Horiz,Vert and that does not seem to work.

Is this possible?


Set DUAL=togglelayout


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Beautiful! That works! Thank you so much!

I have set F10 as Set DUAL=togglelayout and
F11 as Set DUAL=toggle,remember

The remember is so that it will remember the last lister tabs when it is reopened.