Hotkey for function "Copy the Names of all selected files.."

How it's possible to assign a hotkey to this fucntion ?

Menu "Edit" -> "Copy Filenames" -> "As Names Only"

i don't find this command in "Customize" panel

Just edit that actual item in your menus - go to customize mode and double click the item. The resulting command editor dialog allows you to set a hotkey for the function.

If you wish to do things the other way and just create a hotkey not tied to a button/menu item then the command is:

Clipboard COPYNAMES=nopaths



PS = i discover DO and i don't know that "customize" work with menu and not only toolbar

"This file manager rocks !!!!!!" as you say in engish

The power of Total Commander with ergonomy of PowerDesk

Yup. :slight_smile:

In fact, menus and toolbars are really the same thing in Opus.

Ok tanis based on what you are saying in the following command

Clipboard COPYNAMES=nopaths

What would then be the next step to basically finish editing it to act like the setclip button of DO8. I use it constantly and keep fiddling witt the new functions and cant get it right.

This is where I am so far

Clipboard Copynames={nopath|noext}  
CreateFolder {clip}
Set STATE=Dest

It is still not doing what I want and I am sure it is something stupid but Code is NOT one of my stregths. sigh

What I need is to take a file name copy it WITHOUT the extension and the create a folder in either the desitnation or the source.(I use both)

I have been reading like crazy since yesterday to fix this ONE button then I can go on and work with the rest as I go.



Clipboard COPYNAMES doesn't take args like that - you would want Clipboard COPYNAMES=nopaths (there's no 'noext' argument for COPYNAMES.)

However if all you want to do is a make a folder out of the name of the selected file, the easiest thing is:

CreateFolder {file|noext}

(just one command - no need to use the clipboard for this)

ok that created a folder in the source on its own so one problem down.

What would be the command for creating it in the destination.

I tried this and it didn't put it in the destination just the source

CreateFolder {file|noext} 
Set STATE=Dest

I am so close thank you so much for your help


CreateFolder NAME="{d}{file|noext}"

works for me.

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I use that feature nearly everyday !

Your a Gem!


NOW back to work!