Hotkey - How to open a specific folder

Hello, I'd like to reassign the hotkey F7 (currently deactivated as I did on my previous PC configuration) another function than the one by defaut in DO. I'd like it to open a specific folder.
Is it possible? If yes, how should I proceed please?
My previous keyboards allowed me to customize these keys how I want but the new one (Logitech MK540) software is more limited in the possible functions that can be reassigned.

Thanks in advance.

You can add hotkeys under Settings > Customize Toolbars > Keys.

(Or Help > Keyboard Map, which goes to the same place.)

Go "C:\My Folder\Path\Etc" is the command to go to a particular folder.

If you want it to work outside of Opus, and open a new window (or bring the old window to the foreground) then that's also possible. Tell us exactly what you want if you need help on those details.

Oh thanks Leo. I tried and it's close to what I wanted. I didn't say it well, my bad. I don't want the folder I indicate to open it in the same DO window, but in another DO window. Is it possible?

Go "C:\My Folder\Path\Etc" NEW will open the folder in a new window.

Perfect, many thanks Leo! I love this software and your efficient help everytime I need it. Have a great day (or night if in AU :stuck_out_tongue: )