Hotkey/info seperator in context-menus

I can "tab-move" or "right-align" a hotkey short description in a lister context menu or a toolbar menu button, which is very sweet, but why is it, that the "\t" char-combination won't work for me in a folder/file context menu? And why do some entries in the "File" toolbar menu right align the hotkey and some don't? I guess it's me doing something wrong, but what? o)

Context menus in Windows don't have hotkey indicators (only accelerators), as a rule.

That they work in one type of context menu in Opus is an artifact of how that menu is made, more than an intentional feature.

You mean it is an unintentional feature for the lister context menu?
What about the "File" menu, why is that mixed mode going on there, which let me hope it's me doing something wrong? o)

So I actually have no chance to make use of this elsewhere than in a lister context, to not screw up the menus, did I understand correctly?