Hotkey to toggle between folders?

I have a feeling this is going to be right under my nose: but if so, I can't see it for looking.

I have DO set so that it starts open to the folder I've set in Layout/Default Folders (let's say it's c:\data ). I have a number of toolbar buttons to switch (within the same Layout) to different folders. Each button's code is just the path of the chosen folder. (I also have some Dual File Display buttons, and some Tab sets, too - but they're BTW to this question).

But I also want to set a Hotkey to toggle between two folders, in the same Layout (let's say between c:\data and d:\data). I can use 'GO d:\data' to get there from my default opening folder. But how can I use the same Hotkey to get back again (and forth again)? Some magic with =TOGGLE and both paths, I'd guess, but I can't geddit.

I suppose I'd also like the same Hotkey to jump to one or other nominated folder if used when I'm viewing a completely different folder (and then continue to toggle between the two nominated folders, not the intervening one(s)). But that would be icing on the cake.

It's dead easy, right? Can someone help me, please?

The Go command a SWITHPATH argument for doing just this. :slight_smile:

Go "C:\Data" SWITCHPATH "D:\Data"

[quote="nudel"]The Go command [has] a SWITCHPATH argument for doing just this. :slight_smile:

Go "C:\Data" SWITCHPATH "D:\Data"[/quote]

Oh well, if they're going to hide the argument for switching paths under an obscure name like that, how is anyone supposed to find it? :wink:

Thanks nudel, now I'm off to look for my hand in front of my face ...