Hotkeys above F24?

I see Opus buttons can have Hotkeys up to F24. I love the way Opus can also create a Hotkey sequence; this is very useful. When I want to use keys above F12, I have to edit the button as a *.dcf file in a text editor because my keyboard (like most) only has F1 - F12. I know a bit about keys above F12 from building applications and other things. Many programs that I use you can enter a virtual key code like (141) F30 or in the form 16777293 (which I can explain if necessary). Is any of this possible in Opus? Thanks

As far as I can tell, Windows doesn't define function keys above F24:

If you have a keyboard with more than 24 function keys, it might make more sense to map those extra keys to normal hotkeys (e.g. Ctrl + Shift + Another function key) and then, in turn, use those to trigger actions.

Hi, whether part of Microsoft's official posted spec or not many applications have the ability to use these keys. Here is one example. I wanted to be sure because in most places that accept them you cannot just enter F31, you have to know a virtual key code that means the same, example (142). A lot of the time it only can be entered via access to a config file. I figured it could be something like in Opus because like I said I had to edit the *.dcf to get F24. Thanks so much