Hotkeys only when Dopus is on top?


i had a hotkey for starting an application, but obviously Dopus had to be on top in order to work, otherwise there was no effect. I know that Dopus has to run to provide that function, but this seems a bit new. Did something change?

by the way (i didn´t want to open an extra thread for this): the new function in 9.007 "doubleklick goes upwards" is really great!! I wonder, what all those users gonna say now, who always kept complaining about Dopus not having the xy-Commander ".." function for going up in the path :slight_smile:. This really seriously rules, specially when not having extra navigation mouse buttons available!


Tick the System Wide Hotkey checkbox in the command editor when you create your hotkey. Then it will work from anywhere, with or without an Opus lister having focus.

aah, there it was. Overlooked this one. Thanks a lot!