Hotkeys problem using English config with Russian keyboard

This problem are old as I remember Opus on Windows.

  1. Opus not runned.
  2. Regional & Language Settings contains English and Russian (maybe any other non-latin language). Default input language is English.

  1. Run Opus. Open Lister. Open Customize - Hotkeys. All ok. Hotkeys works fine.

  1. Exit opus. Not closing lister, but totally exit Opus.

  2. In Regional & Language Settings change default input language to Russian. Press Apply or Ok.

  1. Run Opus. Open Lister. Open Customize - Hotkeys.... All hotkeys with letters are dead.

Thanks for the report!

If a hotkey is bound to Ctrl-A but the current keyboard does not have an A key on it (as I think is the case with the Russian keyboard), what would/should normally happen?

I think opus must read not letter, but key-code. If user press Ctrl+A key (that contain russian letter "Ф" on it), opus must work as Ctrl+A pressed in usual cases.

Russian keyboard has such mapping:

The next beta should address this to some degree. Once it's out and you've had a chance to try it, please let us know.

Ok. Will test and report!

Beta fixed problem with hotkeys and non-english input language as default language.

Thank you!